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The Year of the Dog
Happy Chinese New Year
Legend has it that in ancient times, Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on Chinese New Year. Twelve animals came, and Buddha named a year after each one. He announced that the people born in each animal's year would have some of that animal's personality.
The Year of the Dog
People born in the Year of the Dog have giving and compassionate personality. They offer kind words, support and advice to friends and family. They are good listener, always available to lend an ear or a shoulder to a friend in need. They often know more about their friends than their friends know about them or even themselves. They are incredibly caring. Though, sometimes they should pay more attention to their own needs. In private, many Dog People worry a lot.
The Years of the Dog
The Year of the Dog is the eleventh year in the cycle. It follows the Year of the Rooster and recurs every twelve years. The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is essential to check the calendar to find the exact date on which each Year of the Dog actually begins. Following are the years of the Dog: 1910 – 1922 – 1934 – 1946 – 1958 – 1970 – 1982 – 1994 – 2006
The Sign of the Dog
People born in the Year of the Dog can be a bit overwhelming, due in part to their caring natures. They can walk in and take control of a situation, even when it doesn’t involve them directly. This may cause people to think Dog People are nosy or like to gossip, but in reality, they just mean well. Money and status don’t matter to the Dog People. They are more concerned with the welfare of their family and friends and will do anything to help them out of difficulties. Once Dog People determine a subject of interest, they usually master that before taking off for a new adventure. They like to finish what they start. They are honest and trustworthy people, ethically strong and morally kept. They make loyal friends and companions.
Dog Facts
People who were born in the Year of the Dog share certain characteristics. Following are features associated with the Sign of the Dog.

Eleventh in order, Chinese name: Gou, sign of fidelity
Hour: 7 pm - 8:59 pm
Month: October
Western matching sign: Libra
Responsible Pessimistic
Compassionate Anxious
Reliable Overwhelming
Honest Nosy
In Chinese Elements
The characteristics of the Dog Sign are influenced by one of the five Chinese elements of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth covering a 5-year cycle of characteristics on the original 12-year cycle.
The Metal Dog (1910, 1970)
Metal Dog People have extremely high standards and expect a lot of themselves and others. They are loyal and hold a strong viewpoint about the path they want to take in their life. They choose their friends carefully. Once they have committed themselves, there is no turning back. They are bold, unafraid to disagree out loud about anything they feel unjust or unfair. Metal Dog People are easily stressed if a plan does not go smoothly. They find it difficult to relax when there are things to be done.
The Water Dog (1922, 1982)
Water Dog People have great foresight and are well-educated on many different things. This quality helps them appreciate other points of view, making them quite flexible and liberal. They are easygoing, but this can cause them to be too spendthrift with money and less loyal with friends. Still, because of their flexible natures and their ability to appreciate difference, Water Dog People always have friends and are usually popular.
The Wood Dog (1934, 1994)
Wood Dog People are complete individuals. They are adaptable, flexible and laid back. However, they are not as independent as other Dogs and like being part of the group. This is due in part to the support they need, but it also makes them feel secure and self-confident. In return, they are faithful friends, shy at first, then warm and affectionate.
The Fire Dog (1946, 2006)
Fire Dog People are natural leaders. They are popular, charismatic, and always surrounded by a group of admirers. Not only admired for their energetic personalities, Fire Dog People also possess a sexual appeal that makes them irresistible. They are adventurous and vivacious, yet, honest and openhearted. However, because they are so active, they are generally not the settle down type.
The Earth Dog (1958, 2018)
Earth Dog People are clever and genuine. They are rational, supportive, stable and stoic. Earth gives them an element of security, making them inspiring and confident. They are just, certain to be heard both sides before making a decision. They make great leader because they are trustworthy and diplomatic.
Health and Home
Dog People are balanced individuals. They preserve their health through happiness. The quickest way to know Dog People are ill is by testing their character. If they are sad or depressed, it probably means they are ill. They can usually survive any sort of illness, and are prepared to maintain resilience when fighting a disease.
At Home with the Dog People
Dog People like a clean house. Changing sheets, washing clothes, dusting blinds and wiping down mirrors are only a few of the Dog People’s weekly chores. Their home must be well-organized and easy to navigate all of the time. Dog People want to be comfortable and take luxury in overstuffed pillows, big, cushy couches and oversized recliners. Although they are open-minded, Dog People prefer to stick with traditional décor when decorating a room.
Career and Finance
The Dog People at Work
Dog People are resourceful and eager to help out at work. They will take on more work if it means less work for their co-workers. They enjoy learning new skills and as a result are cherished employees. Their just and fair nature will be an advantage in positions of leadership where decisions have to be made.
Money and the Dog
Dog People work hard and spend wisely. They do not work to buy luxurious stuffs, instead, they work to secure their families’ future. They generally have hidden saving accounts for future family endeavors such as family vacations and college tuitions.
Dog People Careers
People who were born in the Year of the Dog share the same kinds of goals and objectives in life. Following are the occupations suitable for the Dog People:
Nurses Clerks
Interior Designers Police Officers
Counselors Psychiatrists
Priests Scientists
Politicians Teachers
Judges Professors
Compatible Business Partners
Whether Dog People are compatible with their business partners depends on whether their signs are harmonious or antagonistic to the signs of their partners. Considering the suitability of their own characters and their business partners’ characters can be very useful.

Dog People will get benefit if their business partners are:
Metal Earth Horses Fire Dragons
Water Metal Snakes Earth Roosters
Wood Water Tigers Metal Oxen
Fire Wood Rats Water Sheep
Earth Fire Rabbits Wood Monkeys
Likes and Dislikes
Since Dog People are born under the same animal sign, they often have similar likes and dislikes. Following are similar likes and dislikes of the Dog People personality:
Color Preference: pale yellow
Gems & Stones: moonstone, carnelian, jasper
Suitable Gifts: rocking chair, novel, roses, massage therapy
Hobbies: cooking, rearranging, dancing, arts and crafts
Dog People dislike: hurting other people’s feelings, getting angry or aggressive, being treated unfairly
The Dog People on Vacation
The Dog People are people watchers. They like watching different people walk by, listening to their conversations, watching their reactions. Dog People would enjoy a vacation with the whole family more than a romantic getaway. In this situation, Dog People are surely able to make everyone happy by combining everybody’s tastes and ideas into one thing they do together.
Friends and Enemies
Dog People are so easy to get along with and generally have lots of friends. They are supportive, calm, and make excellent friends. They don’t hold grudges or bear any bad feelings towards anyone who has treated them respectfully and justly. Dog People are excellent listeners, offering an ear to anyone in need. They are respected in high regard by their friends whom are loyal and honest friends.

Best Friends: Tigers and Horses
Mortal Enemy: Dragons
Parents (Dog People) and Babies
Parents born in the Year of the Dog always take their family as their first priority. They are supportive parents who take great pride in the happiness and well-being of their children. They are unselfish parents, willing to wear the same old clothes so their children may have the new ones. They make terrific, great role models for their children and keep close bonds with their children even after they have grown up.
Infant (Dog People) and Child
Children born in the Year of the Dog are creative, able to amuse themselves for hours. They don’t mind playing by themselves, often creating games and puzzles while doing so. They are responsible children who love to undertake and complete as many tasks as possible for it gives them a sense of accomplishment.
Parent/Child (Dog People) Kinships
Some parents immediately get along with their children while others find they will never have a close bond no matter how hard they try to make it happen. Following are compatibility ratings between parents (Dog People) and their children:
If the children born under the sign:
Rat : shares happiness
Ox : each needs their own space
Tiger : happy parenting
Rabbit : happiness
Dragon : different principles
Snake : miscommunication
Horse : loving
Sheep : needs more consideration
Sheep : needs more consideration
Monkey : too much age difference
Rooster : great relationship
Dog : wonderful companionshi
Pig : loving and supportive
Lovers and Spouses
The Lover
Dog People can be too shy when making friends or courting someone. If they are interested, they want to make it certain first, before expressing any interest. They are emotionally sensitive people, who don't want to wound their heart. As a lover, Dog People are caring and supportive partners. They share the highs and lows of being in love, and defend their partners to anyone who attacks them.
Happy Dog People are more likely to want families than Dog People in ordinary relationships. Dog People are simple and have easygoing lives. They can be mean with word sometimes and must learn to control their angry tongues.
The Dog People in Love
Dog People make good partners and most people find them easy to live and get a long with. His seriousness or down to earth personality may be boring to some people, but to others it demonstrates a natural stability.
Partners in Love
Dog & Rat : Stable union. You’ll share dull moments, so improvise.
Dog & Ox : Not much in common.
Dog & Tiger : Mutual affection makes you a great duo.
Dog & Rabbit : You’ll go a long way.
Dog & Dragon : One of you is outgoing, the other is easygoing. Not recommended.
Dog & Snake : Love at first glance.
Dog & Horse : The scale is tipped in your favor!
Dog & Sheep : Don’t try it. You bore each other.
Dog & Monkey : Take a shot. What have you got to lose?
Dog & Dog : You share so much
Dog & Pig : What a stable and committed partnership. Destined for happiness.
East Meets West
Aries Dog
Aries Dog People are self-confident and independent. They won’t settle down too early because there are so many things to do.
Taurean Dog
Taurean Dog People are more conservative in how they see the world. They are heroic community leaders and concerned neighbors. They are stable and resilient in their search for truth and justice.
Gemini Dog
Gemini Dog People are charismatic and charming, not intimidated by other people. They love to take on new experiences.
Cancerian Dog
Cancerian Dog People are at their happiest when surrounded by friends and family. They love to be at home. They tend to be a little self-aware and not as confident as other Dogs.
Leonine Dog
Leonine Dog People are self-assured, confident, genuine, loving and affectionate friends. They have a large, but sensitive ego. If you hurt their feelings, they surely let you know about it.
Virgo Dog
Virgo Dog People are responsible and hardworking. They dedicate themselves to whatever they find necessary, whether it is in their homes, their families or their occupations.
Libran Dog
Libran Dog People have charismatic characters. They are truly concerned about the well-being of other people. They are just and kind who appreciate their families and friends.
Scorpio Dog
Scorpio gives the Dog People passion and fire. The Dog People are quite committed and expect a complete loyalty from anyone who joins their organization.
Sagittarian Dog
Sagittarian Dog People are loyal and giving. They are more active than other Dog People. They enjoy adventurous stuffs, such as a good long hike in the woods or a river-rafting trip.
Capricorn Dog
Capricorn Dog People are efficient, responsible, and take tasks very seriously. They are perfectionists and have hearts of gold.
Aquarian Dog
Aquarian Dog People are creative and motivated. They are not as materialistic as others. They are extremely fair people who seek a cultural knowledge and sophistication.
Piscean Dog
Piscean Dog People are calm, relaxed individuals who need a relaxing environment. They make excellent caregivers and stable providers for their families.
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