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Gatot Kaca Statue
Catur Muka Statue
Kandapat Sari Statue
Monument of Klungkung Heroic Battle
The Margarana Monument
Penglipuran Heroes Monument
Gatot Kaca Statue
Statue statue was built in 1993, located at the center of road intersection, on the northeast of Ngurah Rai International Airport. In Mahabaratha legend, Gatot Kaca, the son of Bima and one of the five Pandawa brothers, is described as a very brave and powerful knight. He is identified as flying knight who is in charge to protect Pandawa Kingdom.

The creation of the statue, apart as an effort to beautify the landscape around the airport, it is also believed could contribute safety and spiritual protection for all incoming and outgoing flight.
Catur Muka Statue (Four Faced Statue)
Catur Muka Statue is the depiction of God Brahma, the Almighty Creator. Located at the crossroad, this huge granite statue has four heads which each of them faces and guards the street of Surapati, Udayana, Veteran, and Gajah Mada.

God Brahma is depicted as a four faced deity based on the legend that once upon a time there was a beauty contest held in heaven. All Gods, including Brahma, fought for the most advantageous spot from where they can view the contest best. All the nymphs who joined the beauty contest were required to parade in a circle around the Gods to show their best heavenly beauty. The contestants were countless that the parade soon became a huge and crowded circle. In order to be able to enjoy the beauty of all contestants over and over again, with his supernatural power, he transformed himself and had three more heads.

It is also said that the four heads represent God’s power. The first head signifies the fact that God is infinitely big. The second head signifies that God is the King of the kings of this world and the next. The third head signifies the fact that God is tireless and never stops working.
Kandapat Sari Statue
Patung Kandapat Sari is situated the main juction of Semarapura Town. Some people consider this statue as the landmark of Klungkung Regency. This statue is 28meters high, and was established on April28 1992.
Monument of Klungkung Heroic Battle
Next to this patung kandapat sari landmark, stand a historical monument known as Monument of Klungkung Heroic Battle. This monument is a cenotaph reminiscent of an event that once took place on April 28,1908. It is well-known as "Puputan", a counter-defence of The Great King of Klungkung against the Dutch soldiers.
The Margarana Monument
The monument is located in Marga, north of Blayu. This memorial park is a tribute to Battle of Marga, Bali, in 1946 when a regiment of 94 Balinese soldiers led by Lt. Col. I Gusti Ngurah Rai, refused to surrender and were killed by the Dutch.

The Margarana memorial was originally built in 1954 and has been renovated recently. In the center of the monument is a 17m eight-roofed monument shaped like a Javanese temple, as a symbol of the unity of the fallen revolutionaries in their fight for freedom.
Penglipuran Heroes Monument
The monument was built in 1959 in memory of revolution struggle in Bali, for remembering Captain Anak Agung Anom Muditha and his 18 troops who died in facing NICA (Dutch troops) out during the revolution era.

This nine-story monument is located on the southern part of Penglipuran Village, on an area of 1.5 hectare in Balinese style equipped with Curayudha Building, a courtyard for a certain activities, and a parking area.
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